Robotics is an exciting field in engineering and natural sciences. Robotics has already made important widespread contributions and impact in industrial robots for tasks such as assembly, welding, painting, and material handling. In parallel, we have also witnessed the emergence of special robots which perform valuable jobs, in non-industrial environments such as in search and rescue, de-mining, surveillance, exploration, and security missions. The emergence of mobile machines, such as the climbing and walking robots, for these missions in un-structured environments, has significantly broadened challenges that must be considered by robotics research.

The purpose of the 10th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines (CLAWAR2007) is to provide a venue where researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world can come together to present and discuss the latest achievements, future challenges and exciting applications for mobile machines in general, and climbing and walking robots in particular. In order to benefit all participants, and also to maximize the interaction, the technical program of this conference is intentionally tailored to having relatively few parallel tracks. Each track will accommodate peer-reviewed articles dealing with theoretical, experimental and applicative works. In addition to the technical program, the conference will include several keynote speakers and a common poster session.


Honorary Advisor:

Khin-Yong Lam, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

General Chairs:

Ming Xie, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Steven Dubowsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Jean-Guy Fontaine, Italian Institute of Technology, Italy


Program Chairs :

M. Osman Tokhi, University of Sheffield, UK

Gurvinder S. Virk, University of Massey, NZ


International Advisory Committee:

Manuel Armada, Spain

Yvan Baudoin, Belgium

Karsten Berns, Germany

Philippe Bidaud, France

Bryan Bridge, UK

Chan-Hin Kam, Singapore

Krzysztof Kozlowski, Poland

Giovanni Muscato, Italy

Lakmal Seneviratne, UK

Local Organizing Committee:

Z. W. Zhong, NTU, Singapore (Publicity)

K. H. Low, NTU, Singapore (Workshops)

C. J. Zhou, SP, Singapore (Exhibitions)

C. M. Chew, NUS, Singapore (Technical Vists)

D. Hsu, NUS, Singapore (Technical Visits)

A. P. New, DSO, Singapore (Awards)

H. Y. Yu, DSO, Singapore (Awards)

Conference Secretariat:

Shirley, Soh Wei Ling

CLAWAR Conference Secretariat Office

Center for Continuing Education

Nanyang Technological University