10th International Conference on

Climbing and Walking Robots

and the Supporting Technologies for Mobile Machines

16-18 July, 2007




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Call for Papers

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Topics of Interest:

The interest in climbing and walking robots (CLAWAR) has intensified in recent years. And, novel solutions enabling very diverse applications in complex environments are emerging by means of significant progresses in various areas. Therefore, it is the aim of the CLAWAR2007 conference to welcome contributions of quality papers presenting new research, new applications, and new technological developments at the hardware and/or software levels for climbing and walking robots.

In general, the topics of interest for the 10 th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Walking Machines include, but are not limited to:



  • Autonomous CLAWAR
  • Tele-operated CLAWAR
  • Biologically-inspired CLAWAR Systems and Solutions
  • Innovative Design of CLAWAR
  • Modeling and Simulation of CLAWAR
  • Planning and Control of CLAWAR
  • Co-operative CLAWAR Machines
  • Intelligence and Learning for CLAWAR
  • HMI for CLAWAR
  • Innovative Actuators and Power Supplies
  • Innovative Sensors and Sensor Network
  • Positioning & Localization
  • Perception and Sensor Fusion
  • Guidance and Navigation
  • Legged Locomotion
  • Wheeled Locomotion
  • Hybrid Locomotion
  • Tele-presence
  • Virtual Reality
  • Planetary Exploration
  • Security
  • Emergence Rescue Operations
  • Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance
  • Education
  • Biomedical Field
  • Rehabilitation
  • Petrochemical Field
  • Inspection
  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Helping for the Elderly and Disabled
  • Manufacturing
  • Performing Robots
  • Personal Robots
  • Home Robots
  • Service Robots
  • Space Robots
  • Assistive Robots

Prizes & Awards:

  • Best Conference Paper in the category of "Climbing Robots" (S$500)

  • Best Student Paper in the category of "Walking Robots" (S$500)

  • Best Conference Paper in the category of "Supporting Technologies " (S$500)


Special Journal Issue:

CLAWAR2007 will invite the authors of top papers presented in the conference to submit the extended versions of their papers, which will be reviewed and published in special issues of learned journals.





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