You can download the final and full program from this link -> CLAWAR 2016 Final Programme
The list of papers to be presented in each regular or special session and workshops of CLAWAR 2016 can be also found: [papers per session].

Instructions for Oral Presenters

All lecture theatres have the following equipment:

  • PC with CD drive and USB ports
  • Data projector
  • DVD Player
  • Amplifier and sound system

Regular presentations: A 20-minutes slot is allocated to each regular oral presentation, of which 15 minutes are assigned to the presentation, 3 minutes to discussion and 2 minutes to changing sessions.

Keynote presentations: A 60-minutes slot is allocated to keynote presentations, of which 45 minutes are assigned to the presentation, up to 13 minutes for discussion and 2 minutes for changing sessions.

Presenters and sessions chairs are advised to observe the above format strictly.


Preparation of Oral Presentations: To help us organize the material for use with the Data projector, please use the following methods (in order of preference) for efficient speaker changeover, flexibility and reliability:

  1. Upload your PowerPoint presentation electronically onto the “Final Paper Submission” site of the conference, at latest during the week commencing 15 August 2016. Please bring with you a backup on Memory Stick or CD.
  2. Bring your presentation on Memory Stick or CD. All presentations will be copied onto the lecture room desktop just before the event so that everything is there and ready to run.
  3. It will be possible to hook up laptops to the data projector for those users who have specialist software packages that may not reside on the lecture theatre’s PC.


Technical Programme

CLAWAR2016 Programme_Final


List of papers to be presented per session


Monday 12 September 2016


Session A1: Biologically-inspired systems and solutions-1 [Monday, September 12 @ 10:40 – 12:40] [Venue: PP1]

  • [10:40 – 11:00] “Bio-inspired modelling and active control of the simulation of human walking dynamics”,
    R. Vepa
  • [11:00 – 11:20] “Dynarobin – Compliant quadruped research platform for rugged terrain locomotion”,
    E. Koco and Z. Kovacic
  • [11:20 – 11:40] “Compound foot for increased millirobot jumping ability”,
    J. S. Lee, R. S. Fearing and K.-J. Cho
  • [11:40 – 12:00] “Snail inspired climbing robot using fluid adhesion to travel on rough concrete walls and ceilings”,
    M. Watanabe and H. Tsukagoshi
  • [12:00 – 12:20] “Development of a long-distance pressure feed pipe inspection robot based on peristaltic crawling of the earthworm”,
    T. Tomita, R. Ishikawa, Y. Yamada and T. Nakamura
  • [12:20 – 12:40] “Development of a flexible excavation unit for a peristaltic crawling seabed excavation robot”,
    M. Nagai, C. Hirabayashi, Y. Yamada, T. Nakamura and H. Yoshida

Workshop B1: Soft robotic systems [Monday, September 12 @ 10:40 – 12:40] [Venue: PP2]

  • [10:40 – 11:00] “Morphological computation – A potential solution for the control problem in soft robotics”,
    H. Hauser
  • [11:00 – 11:20] “From the octopus vulgaris to underwater hopping robots: Bio-inspired path toward design and control of soft robots”,
    M. Calisti and C. Laschi
  • [11:20 – 11:40] “Fractional order control of a soft robotic system”,
    C. A. Monje, C. Balaguer, B. Deutschmann and C. Ott
  • [11:40 – 12:00] “Steps towards energy efficiency in elastically actuated robots”,
    G. Garofalo and C. Ott
  • [12:00 – 12:20] “Design and validation of a series rotary elastic actuator for humanoid robots”,
    S. Tisi, S. Saliceti, D. Pucci, P. Silvestri, F. Nori and G. Metta
  • [12:20 – 12:40] “Mechanism of multiple joint stiffness for the better performance and the safety physical interaction human-robot”,
    A. Jardon , J. Medina, P. Lozano and C. Balaguer

Session C1: Locomotion-1 [Monday, September 12 @ 10:40 – 12:40] [Venue: Skeel]

  • [10:40 – 11:00] “Adaptive swing leg retraction control for robust dynamic locomotion under large terrain variations”,
    A. Gaathon and A. Degani
  • [11:00 – 11:20] “Probabilistic model for bipedal walking”,
    R. Rose-Andrieux, J. Droulez and P. Bessière
  • [11:20 – 11:40] “Walking robot “character” as element of intelligent system”,
    E. S. Briskin, A. V. Maloletov, N. G. Sharonov, Y. V. Kalinin, A. V. Leonard, V. A. Serov and V. A. Shurygin
  • [11:40 – 12:00] “Foot contact estimation for legged robots in rough terrain”,
    L. Wagner, P. Fankhauser, M. Bloesch and M. Hutter
  • [12:00 – 12:20] “RRT-based motion planner and balance controller for a biped robot”,
    M. Wasielica and D. Belter
  • [12:20 – 12:40] “Human gait control in single limb support using differential flatness”,
    E. Y. V. Diaz, M. S. Dutra and J. G. Slama

Session D1: Biologically-inspired systems and solutions-2 [Monday, September 12 @ 14.00 – 15.00] [Venue: PP1]

  • [14:00 – 14:20] “Development of negative pressure suction mechanism in omnidirectional wall-climbing robot for inspection of airplanes”,
    T. Yamaguchi, T. Amakawa, T. Go, Y. Yamada and T. Nakamura
  • [14.20 – 14.40] “Development of an automatic soil-releasing mechanism for a peristaltic-type lunar excavation robot”,
    T. Nakatake, M. Konno, Y. Yamada, T. Nakamura and T. Kubota
  • [14.40 – 15.00] “Decreasing of negative work by elasticity of trunk joints of quadruped robot”,
    M. Ikeda and I. Mizuuchi

Session E1: Wearable Robots-1 [Monday, September 12 @ 14.00 – 15.00] [Venue: PP2]

  • [14:00 – 14:20] “Control system parameter optimization for lower limb exoskeleton with integrated elastic elements”,
    S. Jatsun, S. Savin, A. Yatsun and A. Postolnyi
  • [14.20 – 14.40] “Robo-mate an exoskeleton for industrial use — concept and mechanical design”,
    K. S. Stadler, R. Altenburger, E. Schmidhauser, D. Scherly, J. Ortiz, S. Toxiri, L. Mateos and J. Masood
  • [14.40 – 15.00] “Control architecture of the ATLAS 2020 lower-limb active orthosis”,
    D. Sanz-Merodio, J. Sancho, M. Perez and E. Garcia

Workshop Session F1: Co-operative robot systems-1 [Monday, September 12 @ 14.00 – 15.00] [Venue: Skeel]

  • [14:00 – 14:20] “Designing modular series-elastic actuators for safe human-robot collaboration in industrial settings”,
    J. d. G. Fernandez, H. Sprengel, M. Mallwitz, M. Zipper, B. Yu and V. Bargsten
  • [14.20 – 14.40] “Preliminary development of test methods to evaluate lower body wearable robots for human performance augmentation”,
    B. Carlson, A. Norton and H. Yanco
  • [14.40 – 15.00] “Towards shop floor hardware reconfiguration for industrial collaborative robots”,
    C. Schou and O. Madsen

Session G1: Assistive robots [Monday, September 12 @ 15.20 – 17.00] [Venue: PP1]

  • [15.20 – 15.40] “Validation of gait events detector using adaptive thresholds in humanoid robot”,
    J. Figueiredo, C. P. Santos and J. C. Moreno
  • [15.40 – 16.00] “A standing assistance for both voluntary movement and posture adjustment”,
    D. Chugo, S. Kawazoe, S. Muramatsu, S. Yokota and H. Hashimoto
  • [16.00 – 16.20] “Assistive robotic walking devices: A state of the art review”,
    A. Bagheri and K. M. Goher
  • [16.20 – 16.40] “Adding push-off power to a robotic transtibial prosthesis with nonlinear damping behaviors”,
    Y. Feng, J. Zhu and Q. Wang
  • [16.40 – 17.00] “A semi-automatic step climbing assist system for a wheelchair with an active-caster drive unit”,
    Y. Munakata and M. Wada

Special Session H1: Wearable Robots-2 [Monday, September 12 @ 15.20 – 17.00] [Venue: PP2]

  • [15.20 – 15.40] “Mechanical description of ATLAS 2020, A 10-DOF paediatric exoskeleton”,
    J. Sancho-Perez, M. Perez, E. Garcia, D. Sanz-Merodio, A. Plaza and M. Cestari
  • [15.40 – 16.00] “PD-fuzzy control of lower limb exoskeleton for elderly mobility”,
    G. Alrezage, A. Alshatti and M. O. Tokhi
  • [16.00 – 16.20] “Design and control of single leg exoskeleton for hemiplegia mobility”,
    A. Alshatti, M.O. Tokhi and G. Alrezage
  • [16.20 – 16.40] “Emerging directions in lower limb externally wearable robots for gait rehabilitation and augmentation – A Review”,
    J. F. Veneman, E. Burdet, H. van der Kooij and D. Lefeber
  • [16.40 – 17.00] “Modular EXO-LEGS for mobility of elderly persons”,
    U. Haider, I. Nyoman, C. Kim, N. Masud, G. S. Virk and J. L. Coronado

Workshop Session I1: Co-operative robot systems-2 [Monday, September 12 @ 15.20 – 17.00] [Venue: Skeel]

  • [15.20 – 15.40] “A cyber-physical systems approach for controlling autonomous mobile manipulators”,
    F. Rovida, V. Krueger, L. Nalpantidis, A. Charzoule, A. Lasnier, R. Petrick, M. Crosby, C. Toscano and G. Veiga
  • [15.40 – 16.00] “Reactive motion planning for mobile continuum arm in dynamic industrial environment”,
    A. Ataka, A. Shiva, A. Shafti, H. Wurdemann and K. Althoefer
  • [16.00 – 16.20] “VALERI – A collaborative mobile manipulator for aerospace production”,
    J. Saenz, F. Penzlin, C. Vogel and M. Fritzsche
  • [16.20 – 16.40] “Comparison of registration methods for mobile manipulators”,
    R. Bostelman, R. Eastman, T. Hong, O. A. Enein, S. Legowik and S. Foufou
  • [16.40 – 17.00] “Revisiting the end user’s perspective in collaborative human-robot interaction”,
    J. Kildal and I. Maurtua

Tuesday 13 September 2016


Session A2: Field and underwater robotics [Tuesday, September 13 @ 10.40 – 12.40] [Venue: PP1]

  • [10:40 – 11:00] “UAV/UGV cooperation to improve navigation capabilities of a mobile robot in unstructured environments”,
    L. Cantelli, P. Laudani, C. D. Melita and G. Muscato
  • [11:00 – 11:20] “Toward a multi-agent system for marine observation “,
    R. Polvara, S. Sharma, R. Sutton, J. Wan and A. Manning
  • [11:20 – 11:40] “A review of weed detection and control robots: A world without weeds “,
    S. O. Fadlallah and K. M. Goher
  • [11:40 – 12:00] “Some aspects of hydraulic drives for the new model MERO walking robot, applied in agriculture and forestry”,
    I. Ion, A. Curaj, C. Dinu and M. Deliman
  • [12:00 – 12:20] “Versatile sensor and communication expansion set for the autonomous underwater vehicle MONSUN”,
    B. Meyer, C. Renner and E. Maehle
  • [12:20 – 12:40] “New small buoyancy control device with silicone rubber for underwater vehicles”,
    H. Yamamoto and K. Shibuya

Workshop Session B2: Robot ethics [Tuesday, September 13 @ 10.40 – 12.40] [Venue: PP2]

  • [10:40 – 11:00] “Robot ethical training with dynamic ethical preference logic”,
    S. Wang
  • [11:00 – 11:20] “Ethical standards for domestic robots”,
    E. Mitka
  • [11:20 – 11:40] “Ethical concerns of surviving via and from robots: becoming cyborgs and expiry dates”,
    M. Kyriakidou
  • [11:40 – 12:00] “Making believe or just pretending: the problem of deception in children/robots interaction”,
    M. I. A. Ferreira and J. S. Sequeira
  • [12:00 – 12:20] “Designing a robotic interface for children: the MOnarCH robot”,
    M. I. A. Ferreira and J. S. Sequeira
  • [12:20 – 12:40] “Assistive robots and ethical norms: State of the art survey “,
    N. Mansouri and K. M. Goher

Session C2: Locomotion-2 [Tuesday, September 13 @ 10.40 – 12.40] [Venue: Skeel]

  • [10:40 – 11:00] “Analysis of gait transition in quasi-passive dynamic walking locomotion”,
    T. Okamoto, Y. Sugimoto, Y. Sueoka and K. Osuka
  • [11:00 – 11:20] “Foot-eye calibration of legged robot kinematics”,
    F. Bloechliger, M. Bloesch, P. Fankhauser, M. Hutter and R. Siegwart
  • [11:20 – 11:40] “Dynamically stepping over large obstacle utilizing PSO optimization in the B4LC system”,
    Q. Liu, J. Zhao and K. Berns
  • [11:40 – 12:00] “An adaptive approach to humanoid locomotion”,
    J. Pontes, S. Doncieux, C. Santos and V. Padois
  • [12:00 – 12:20] “6-degree-of-freedom control for a body of a six-legged robot based on LQI control”,
    H. Uchida
  • [12:20 – 12:40] Rate-dependent gait dynamic stability analysis for motor control estimation”,
    I. Mahmood, U. Martinez-Hernandez and A. A. Dehghani-Sanij

Special Session D2: Robot Modularity [Tuesday, September 13 @ 15.20 – 16.40] [Venue: Skeel]

  • [15.20 – 15.40] “ModMan: Self-reconfigurable modular manipulation system for expansion of robot applicability”,
    J.-J. Kim, S. Hong, W. Lee, S. Kang, S. Lee, M. Atif, H. M. Do, T. Y. Choi, D. I. Park, Y. Son, J. Lee and J.-H. Lee
  • [15.40 – 16.00] “Korean activity on software modularity for service robots”,
    M.-S. Kim, H. Kim and H. S. Park
  • [16.00 – 16.20] “ISO modularity for service robots”,
    G. S. Virk, H. S. Park, S. Yang and J. Wang
  • [16.20 – 16.40] “Modularity standardization of service robots in China”,
    Z. Shao, H. Wei, S. Yang, S. Wang, Q. Cao, G. Tong, Z. Shi, R. Wang and Y. Guan

Session E2: Innovative sensing and actuation systems [Tuesday, September 13 @ 15.20 – 16.40] [Venue: PP1]

  • [15.20 – 15.40] “IMU-based kinematic chain pose estimation using Extended Kalman Filter”,
    P. Kaczmarek, T. Mańkowski and J. Tomczyński
  • [15.40 – 16.00] “Embedded, GPU-based omnidirectional vision for a walking robot “,
    M. Wasik, M. Rostkowska and P. Skrzypczynski
  • [16.00 – 16.20] “Design and implementation of a wireless prodder for instructional purposes in landmine detection”,
    H. Montes, R. Fernandez, D. De Lorenzo and M. Armada
  • [16.20 – 16.40] “Radiation exposure assessment of a robot hand system”,
    E. Kourlitis, R. French and H. Marin-Reyes

Wednesday 14 September 2016


Session A3: Innovative design of CLAWAR [Wednesday, September 14 @ 10.20 – 12.40] [Venue: PP1]

  • [10:20 – 10:40] “Innovative design of a hexapod scorpion through digital production techniques”,
    R. Terryn, S. Flamand, J. Saldien, P. Deconinck, F. Wyffels and S. Verstockt
  • [10:40 – 11:00] “Dynamics of vacuum contact devices of mobile climbing robots”,
    V. G. Gradetsky, M. M. Knyazkov, A. N. Sukhanov and E. A. Semenov
  • [11:00 – 11:20] “An L-shaped climbing robot with surface transition capability for confined-space welding”,
    S. Wang, Y. Wu, G. Lan and C.-M. Chew
  • [11:20 – 11:40] “Modular design of miniature mobile robots for motion over complex surface”,
    V. G. Gradetsky, M. M. Knyazkov, A. A. Kryukova, L. N. Kravchuk, A. N. Sukhanov and E. A. Semenov
  • [11:40 – 12:00] “Cylindrical elastic crawler mechanism for pipe inspection”,
    J.-Y. Nagase, F. Fukunaga and Y. Shigemoto
  • [12:00 – 12:20] “Experimental evaluations of impact resistance of a biped robot composed of flexible struts “,
    M. Shibata and N. Yokota
  • [12:20 – 12:40] “Real-time SLAM from RGB-D data on a legged robot: An experimental study”,
    D. Belter, A. Kostusiak, M. Nowicki and P. Skrzypczynski

Session B3: Service and application specific robots [Wednesday, September 14 @ 10.20 – 12.20] [Venue: PP2]

  • [10:20 – 10:40] “Design and kinematic modeling of a screw-propelled mobile robot to perform remote explosive scent tracing filter sampling in forest during humanitarian demining”,
    J. H. Lugo, M. Zoppi and R. Molfino
  • [10:40 – 11:00] “A cheap and effective climbing robot for automatic cleaning of arrays of photovoltaic solar panels”,
    L. Cantelli, D. Longo and G. Muscato
  • [11:00 – 11:20] “Development of laser cutting head with wall climbing robot for nuclear decommissioning”,
    T. P. Sattar, P. Hilton and M. O. F. Howlader
  • [11:20 – 11:40] “Marine boat roll damping control with mechanical gyroscope: An educational set-up”,
    Ş. Cinal and İ. Eminoğlu
  • [11:40 – 12:00] “A qualitative approach for online activity recognition”,
    M. Alomari, P. Duckworth, Y. Gatsoulis, D. C. Hogg and A. G. Cohn
  • [12:00 – 12:20] “Mobile microrobotics for space exploration: The state-of-the-art and prospects”,
    N. N. Bolotnik, V. G. Gradetsky, A. A. Zhukov, D. V. Kozlov, I. P. Smirnov and V. G. Chashchukhin

Session C3: Locomotion-3 [Wednesday, September 14 @ 10.20 – 12.20] [Venue: Skeel]

  • [10:20 – 10:40] “Why off-the-shelf physics simulators fail in evaluating feedback controller performance – a case study for quadrupedal robots “,
    M. Neunert, T. Boaventura and J. Buchli
  • [10:40 – 11:00] “2D energy-efficient hopping robot “,
    R. Fernandez, S. Terrile and M. Armada
  • [11:00 – 11:20] “Stiffness control of bionic joint for a musculoskeletal leg mechanism”,
    J. Lei, M. O. Tokhi and J. Zhu
  • [11:20 – 11:40] “Stability investigation of a multilegged robot placed on rough surface in the weightlessness”,
    V. G. Chashchukhin
  • [11:40 – 12:00] “Design of a compliant wheel-legged robot”,
    A. Bouton, F. Benamar and C. Grand
  • [12:00 – 12:20] “Mecanum-steering control for wheel-walking robot”,
    V. E. Pavlovsky, A. P. Aliseychik, I. A. Orlov and E.Y. Kolesnichenko

Session D3: Manipulation and gripping [Monday, September 12 @ 14.30 – 15.30] [Venue: PP1]

  • [14:30 – 14:50] “Chaotic spiral dynamic optimization algorithm”,
    M. R. Hashim and M. O. Tokhi
  • [14.50 – 15.10] “Non-parametric modelling of double-link flexible robot manipulator based on NNARX model structure”,
    A. Jamali, I. Z. Mat Darus, A. Abdulhussain and M.O.Tokhi
  • [15.10 – 15.30] “Maximizing reachable workspace of radially symmetric hexapod walking manipulator”,
    H. Rastgar and M. Agheli

Session E3: Medical and rehabilitation robotics [Monday, September 12 @ 14.30 – 15.30] [Venue: PP2]

  • [14:30 – 14:50] “Active capsule endoscope micro-robot with biopsy tools”,
    H. Leon-Rodriguez, V. H. Le, S.-Y. Ko, J.-O. Park and S.-H. Park
  • [14.50 – 15.10] “Fuzzy logic based pattern recognition for multifunctional upper limb prostheses”,
    M. S. Çelik and İ. Eminoğlu
  • [15.10 – 15.30] “Evolution of intelligent and nonlinear control approaches for FES induced movement generation of the lower limb”,
    M. Ahmed, B. S. K. K. Ibrahim and M. S. Huq

Session F3: Locomotion-4 [Monday, September 12 @ 14.30 – 15.30] [Venue: Skeel]

  • [14:30 – 14:50] “The effect of the left and right phase on the climbing ability of notched wheel”,
    K. Tanaka, H. Ishii, D. Endo, J. Mitsuzuka, S. Okabayashi, Q. Shi, Y. Sugahara and A. Takanishi
  • [14.50 – 15:10] “A multi-DOF two-wheel inverted pendulum robot on the uneven terrain”,
    Y. Liu, X. Gao, A. Shahzad, D. Cui and F. Dai
  • [15.10 – 15.30] “Locomotion mode transition study of ground hybrid robots”,
    J. Wang and A. Ramirez-Serrano